1. Perennial Alfalfa seeds
With years of extensive research and trials of Alfalfa seeds, we have been able to successfully develop top quality perennial 3 year variety which is completely free of Cuscuta parasite.

Few of the characteristics/advantages of our perennial alfalfa lucerne seeds are:

• High yielding, multicut 3 year variety with around 35 to 40 cuttings in total life span of the crop.
• Completely Cuscuta parasite free variety.
• Highest level of nutritional value makes it an ideal fodder.
• Good resistant to heat and higher temperatures.
• The leaves are bigger and broader which contains high level of protein, calcium and other minerals. which increases fat content in milk.
• Stem is soft, juicy and easy to consume.
• Increases conception rates and fertility
• Increases livestock longevity.

2. Annual Alfalfa seeds
This annual variety of Alfalfa lucerne seeds is a high yielding 1 year variety with around 12 to 15 cuttings in the total life span of the crop. It has good resistance to higher temperatures and is completely free of Cuscuta Parasite.

It gives 5-6 cuts in one year at 60 days intervals.
Crop Duration is around 4-5 years.
The plants are 220-250 cm tall with 2.5-3.0 cm stem girth, having 10-15 tillers per plant. Number of leaves are 80-105 and leaves are 75-90 cm long, leaf breadth is 3.5-4.6 cm, the crop has leaves and the stem is highly succulent in nature, the green fodder is highly relished by cattle. It contains high protein and less crude fibre and hence higher digestibility.
First Cutting : 45 to 50 Days, Next Cuttings after every 35 days, around 20 Cuttings in total. Grass Height is 6 to 7 Feet Approx.
Sweet in taste and high protein variety.
Suraj Forage is tolerant to drought. Can be cut and feed at any time but 1 meter to 1.2 meter is idle height to get more benefits from green fodder in terms of nutritive values. should be cut 6 to 8 inches above ground level when harvesting to promote faster re-growth for multi-cut and suitable for early feeding.