About Us

Past. Present. Future.

Gujarat Farm Seeds Pvt. ltd. has been serving top quality seeds to Indian farmers from last 40 years. The owners of this company come from a farmer family and thus understands farmer requirements and the problems faced by them and strives best to make farmer's life more progressive by delivering top quality seeds. We offer a wide range of Vegetable and Fodder seeds to meet growing requirements in different geographies.

We are the largest producer and seller of top quality Clusterbean seeds in India and are in the pursuit of becoming one of the biggest producer and seller of 'Cuscuta Free' Alfalfa perennial seeds in the country. To provide best quality seeds and to exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers in terms of product as well as service has been our mission since the company's inception. The seeds offered by us under our brand name “Neelam” have become a symbol of trust and quality amongst farmer community. A simple and effective principle of 'We value our customers and our customers value quality' has leveraged our market share internationally within a short period of time.

With this great bond of trust between company and farmers, Gujarat Farm Seeds visions a very successful future. Currently, Gujarat farm seeds is successfully exporting its Complete range of O.P. Research and hybrid seeds to varied countries and looks forward to spread this bond with more farmers.